Queenstown – The Wonders of Winterfest….

30 06 2011

The Crew at Base Backpackers hostel Queenstown love this time of year!

Winterfest is in full swing,  It’s a great time to be traveling in New Zealand.

We started Winterfest with an epic fireworks display down at the lake, everyone turned out for it. The atmosphere was electric, and the town really came alive. From holiday makers, to snow seekers. From families, groups of friends, to travellers searching for work, everyone is loving Queenstown.

Each day there has been something to keep every age of Queenie’s guests entertained and excited. We’ve had the parades, the live music which is going all day and all night, the bird man comp (locals dressing up and making crazy outfits, jumping into the freezing cold lake )

There were  a few cold people that day,  including one of our very own Base crew who was out on the lake in his boat (which is called The Clap, no joke) when it started to sink, him and his boat were dragged to shore by a jet boat. The Jet boat racesmasquerade balls, charity boxing events, stars on ice, Mardi Gras parade, almost everything you can think of is bundled into this little town, full of excitement!

News flash we are starting to see a little bit of snow on the mountains now, and the nights are getting a heap colder. So everyone keep your fingers crossed for snow. We need you to pray, wish and beg for that first big dump of snow to happen….

see you again soon.

Base Queenstown Reception Team 🙂


Sunshine sunhine, go away come again another day…..

22 06 2011

Day 19 of no snow in Queenstown 😦 ……..

 The Crew and guests at Base Backpackers hostel Queenstown have their fingers and toes crossed for that first big dump to come. 


Everyone is getting excited to venture up Coronet and The Remarkables and be the first to ride through the fresh crisp snow. We’re all waiting for that buzz of cruising down the mountain listening to Glee, ummm I mean Shapeshifter album on our Ipod.

Even though we have no snow, the general buzz of Queenstown is keeping the smiles on people’s faces. With the vast amount of activities (over 600) we’re all managing to keep ourselves busy and entertained.  Lets be honest, with the Queenstown night life, which goes off every night, no sane person can get bored.  The Altitude Bar is the best value, with  crazy games and prizes 7 nights a week.

Plus the sun isn’t always a pain, secretly I think we’re all enjoying being able to sit outside with a beer on the sunny but chilly afternoons, and play around of Frisbee Golf or two. And we have got Winterfest starting on the 24th June (although I think it’ll be getting named Springfest this year!!) Winter/Springfest will be EPIC!!!! 10days of packed to the rafters of activities. From a Masquerade Ball to the Festival street parade to the Qtown Mardi Gras, Coronet night concert (party up in the mountains), Dodgeball championship are just to name a few, it’s going to go off!!!

Happy Travels

Hels (Superstar at Base Queenstown)

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