Base Bay of Islands Environmental Statement

20 06 2011

Base Backpackers Hostel in Bay Of Island’s Goes Green.

BASE Bay of Islands understands it plays a role in the global community’s stance on reducing environmental impacts and we’re taking our role seriously! We appointed a Sustainability Manager (that’s serious!) their job is to assess and improve the property’s environmental footprint.

Join the Base Bay of Islands crew in being stewards in preserving the environment, for us and future generations. 






Jess Ivess

Base Bay of Islands General Manager


Rotorua – Feel the spirit!

17 06 2011

Some Dreams may just come true..

You are visiting New Zealand, you jump on your bus and hear your next stop will be Rotorua – New Zealand’s number one Maori Cultural Destination.  Your heading to Base Backpackers Hostel for the some accommodation and Fun.


Your driver starts by telling you about thick bubbling mud, huge boiling hot pools filled with rainbows of colours and water that shoots sky-high, WOW! You wonder whether you might just fall straight through the ground into the volcano that once was and still is Rotorua.

As you get closer to this ‘Tourism destination’ the Bus turns into a long hand-carved waka (a canoe) and you row over the great Pink and White terraces and see where they once stood.  You float past a village buried deep below the lake, and come to rest where hot and cold streams burst out of the ground mixing to that just right temperature.

While you bathe and gaze up through the dewy trees at the starry filled sky, you suddenly find yourself being thrown down raging white water rapids and fly over a seven meter waterfall. Ahhhhhhh!

You are now being greeted by the beautiful sound of a karanga and haka powhiti (welcome song and dance) from an indigenous tribe of locals who have never seen nor known any other language, world or people. You’ve heard stories that if you put your foot out of line you maybe beheaded and eaten by huge dark warriors.  Their  faces are covered in moko (tattoos) and topped from head to toe in amazing intricate koru designs that tell their stories. They chant and dance their haka (war dance) with their eyes bulging out of their heads, and their tongues protruding from their mouths.

 You are now being challenged as you enter the gates of tall moss-covered trees and silver ferns by the ariki (great chief) with a taiaha (long wooden weapon) surrounded by his tribe armed with hand-made weapons and conch shells. To your Luck,  you are now being  offered  a green leaf and a hongi (sharing the breath of life) in exchange for a peaceful, friendly visit…

..You wake to hear the driver still talking…… “And lastly, the food, ah the food is just Amazing. Their traditional Hangi (ground oven) Smoked for hours deep underground with huge amounts of meat; lamb, chicken and pork with delicious, tasty vegetables and soft herb stuffing topped off with a warm golden steamed pudding.” Suddenly your bus stops; the door flies open the first thing you hear is

“KIA ORA. (Greetings to you) Welcome to Rotorua.”

 Rotorua, feel the spirit.

Written by Jessamine Bradley.

BASE Backpackers Magnetic island is truly Magnetic

16 06 2011

One of our favourite Guests, Mike Trujillo, shares his Story on Base Magnetic Island.

 Two Days. That was the planned length of stay at Base backpackers Hostel on Magnetic Island. We are now on day 45, and counting.

This island truly is Magnetic.

After doing some research on accommodation on Magentic Island, we decided BASE hostel sounded like the place to be for the weekend. We couldn’t find another hostel on the island that was literally on the beach, like BASE is. We booked our Steal Deal package, which included breakfast, dinner, welcome drinks, snorkel hire, two nights accommodation, and a return ferry ticket all at a great price. The staff were very welcoming, and happy to point us in the right direction for activities. Without even leaving BASE, you can easily fill a weekend full of fun and events. Each day of the week offers different games/competitions at the bar, with many prizes to be won. If you don’t want to participate in the games, they are  fun to watch.

If you  need a place to revive, the beach and turquoise waters are waiting to help you relax. Grab a book, and lay out in the sand, listening to a combination of the music and ocean.

BASE Magnetic Island has been the perfect place for us to stop and enjoy during our journey down Australia’s coast. After 45 days, we have yet to run out of things to do on the island.

Michael Trujillo

Base Guest


15 06 2011

Guest’s at Base Backpacker’s Hostels across Australia and New Zealand are getting excited for a Thrilling Game of Rugby League tonight.

Game #2 in the State of origin will be played in Sydney.

It’s one of the  biggest game’s in the last 6 years for myself, and thousands of very nervous New South Wales supporters. It’s either going to be the best game of rugby league that we know, or it could be the turning point of an absolutely devastating five years.

We are not nervous because it’s State of Origin time, but more so nervous that we may have to once and for all  keep our mouths shut. “Oh No” What is to become of us all if we do not have a Win.


We will travel far and wide just to attend this game of games,  but as I ponder the possibilities I still have to wonder,

” Is this the greatest losing streak in history of all sports, where there are only two teams battling for the glorious prize of being the best” is it?

What will my friends say when I return on Thursday if we are not victorious. I think I may have to go into hiding, or even worse I may have to wear a maroons jersey just to avoid ridicule.

Being a die-hard blues supporter living in Brisvegas is no longer an easy task. How can we maintain any dignity when we have not won a series in Five years? I still remain hopeful that the blues will have a win tomorrow night, and this will be the pivotal game that will end the winning streak Of the Cane Toads.

When I step off that plane on Thursday morning I will be holding my head high and donning my blues jersey for everyone in Queensland to see. I will walk past and offer all condolences to my neighborly losers, and when I get to work all my friends will buy me an ice-cold beer and say,

” You were right oh wise one, you stayed faithful to the end”

Now this may sound like rubbish to all of you Queensland supporters, but I am sure that with all the hopes and dreams laying on the line, All we have to say is.


Shane Sutton

Base Brisbane


9 06 2011


This weekend was extra special for  Base Taupo, as we were blessed with the presence of the Queen Majesty herself! (Well Possibly a look-a-like)

Base was  happy to accommodate the Queen, as she only chooses the finest accommodation hostels in New Zealand.

The streets were decorated for royalty, balloons and confetti draped the frosted streets of Taupo, as people stumbled around with glee for an extra day in the weekend, and a visit from the queen…

-Base Taupo was surely the place to be!

People waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the royal family, With accommodation full at Base Taupo.  There was a buzz of excitement wafting through the air, as well  as the sweet smell of Jager.

JJ the Hostel Manger was dressed to greet in a pretty pink dress, and killer heels, while  Jason the Bar Manager was in a vintage suit fresh from Thailand.  Of course The Wonderful Base staff lined the royal red carpet ready to meet their every need. The Queen and her special other half were staying in our executive Ensuite double room, and Prince Harry was put in our 6 bed Ensuite dorm room,(it’s where he wanted to be to meet all the ladies)

So after a quick freshen up, it was down to Element bar for a FREE sausage sizzle….(we heard the Queen likes nothing better than a sausage or 2)…Prince harry was quickly necking the sambucca, and was well on his way to a good night …

Sunday Session defiantly kicked off when our resident dj scribble started rocking the decks.  The Queen requested a bit of Chris brown and she was up putting her hands in the air going yeeeah yeeah yeeah….she shuffled right over to the bar and asked for a special orange juice…I took that as a oj with a double vodka…sorry if I was wrong!

 The dance floor was pumping, and everyone was enjoying the night, even the Fresh Prince made an appearance. It was well reaching midnight and Her Majesty had to be up early in the morning as she was jumping out of a plane with skydive Taupo.  She was all energised as we had all just done a jager train, but no she said “I must retire to my Base Palace….but before I do can I have a bowl of your special fries please”.

Prince Harry saw his grandmother going to bed as chance to get legless, so out came the chartreuse and aftershock!   Soon enough he was doing the running man on the dance floor, and grabbing somebody sexy telling them hey….

That lucky lady unfortunately wasn’t me, but a fellow backpacker who was staying in his room.

I wonder if his bunk bed was rocking that night 😉

After our security had to kindly escort Prince Harry out of the front door , we cleaned up, cashed up and had a drink our selves. Wow what a weekend, and what a Sunday night we had just had.

The staff in Base will not be forgetting our special visit anytime soon!! Pics to follow….

Editor and Duty Manager


$20 beds?!? Base Wanaka Backpackers cheapest in town!

3 06 2011

This June something special is happening at Base Wanaka Backpackers, they have started offering current guests the opportunity to extend their stay in a dorm for just $20.



 We went undercover to find out the harm this is causing certain inanimates in the hostel. Something so basic has been neglected, and this is the reception counters’ Till.

Quoted as saying ‘I don’t think people understand we must consume money to survive’ it said, while eyeing my wallet longingly ‘before this so-called deal I was well fed, and my baby coin floats were happy’

Now it seems the till has had to go on an enforced diet, not surprisingly all $20 bills. With such a lack of variety of notes for consumption the Till is thinking of applying for a job in the Mint Bar, but has heard that on Fridays the Till is forced to eat only $5 bills during the $5 Friday promotion where all house wine/beer and spirits are just $5.

The Till went on to say ‘I guess it’s not as bad as those guys in the bar, I’ll take a $20 over a $5 any day.’

Managers at Base Wanaka have assured the till that this $20 dorm bed deal will only last for a week or so more before it goes back to regular rates.



Melbourne: See it, feel it, eat it, live it. Don’t just “do it”

3 06 2011

Base Backpackers Crew Member Simon Bond fills you in on a few of Melbourne’s secrets.

Have you ever been chatting to a fellow traveler and heard them reel off the plethora of cities/countries that they’ve ‘done.’ E.g. “Oh yeah, I’ve done New York, I’ve done France, done Rome, done done done done….I’ve never been a fan of this term as it just seems so finite. To me, it sounds like they feel they have somehow completed an entire city, that they’ve exhausted all possible sights, activities and experiences. Which is an almighty feat for even a humble city like Melbourne, let alone somewhere as a vast as New York.

Despite living in Melbourne my entire life I would never say nor think that I’ve ‘done’ Melbourne. My blog posts are going to be about a few notable places events and activities within Melbourne that I feel are definitely worth your while. I’ll try and stick to cheap-ish things to do, as I understand most reading this are on a pretty tight budget. Also, I’ll steer away from the typical travel pamphlet activities such as Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and Wilsons Prom. Whilst definitely worth seeing, I figure most are already aware of them (**Shameless plug alert.**) If not, see Paul at the Travel desk.

Today’s post is about FOOD!

Melbourne is a city where you can eat really well, for really cheap providing you know the right places. If your willing to put your carnivorous needs aside for a meal, I highly recommend Lentil As Anything it’s a great vegetarian restaurant that is just around the corner from Base. It has a unique ‘pay what you feel it’s worth’ philosophy, serving up a variety of delicious curries and many vegetarian delights.

If you keen on the veg, then I beg you to take trip to the bohemian north side of Melbourne and check out Moroccan Soup Bar. It is genuinely some of the nicest vegetarian food you’ll ever eat. The soup is great, but if your really hungry I recommend the banquet, it’s about $17 per person and you get a plethora of incredible Moroccan style dishes.

Don’t worry meat lovers, I’m one of you, and I know you need your fix. For most people that live in Melbourne, The Queen Victoria Market is not a place we go to for fake/cheap clothes and goods, Ebay overtook that long ago. It’s a food market. Head into the meat and fish area and you will find thick, organic, locally produced, grain fed, wagyu steaks that will have any true steak lover drooling at the mouth. Instead of eating out, why not buy a really nice steak and a bottle of wine, and cook it yourself. It’s a great way to get a taste of Australia’s premium quality fresh produce at a fraction of the price you’d pay at a nice restaurant. I guarantee you, the meat you find at the market is cheaper and far better quality than what you’d buy at our local supermarkets.


If looking at all that meat make’s you hungry, there a two awesome cheap market stalls you should try out for hot food. Look for the crowds of people surrounding the ‘borek’ stall. A ‘borek’ is a delicious, long bready, pastry thingy with various meat, veg and cheeses inside. It hails from Turkey and at only $2.50 is a true bargain. Have your order ready before you get to the front of the line as these ladies are known for their ‘soup Nazi’ styled vending.

Near the Borek stall, is the home of Melbourne’s best bratwurst sausage. You might have to queue for a couple of minutes but its well worth your wait, I recommend the spicy sausage with cheese, onion, tommy k, and hot mustard.

China Town is full of cheap restaurants, so of which are fantastic some of which are terrible. Here are a couple of my favourites. For a mouth-watering Shanghai style dumpling house head to Shanghai Village, large plates of around 12 dumplings are a measly $7-$8 and its BYO any alcohol, I’ve actually been there before with a bottle of a Jager and a six pack of Red Bulls, pounding Jager Bombs in plain sight. Truly a great and cheap way to start out a night in the city.

 If Japanese is your thing you must go to the authentic, yet still cheap Izakaya Chuji. The lunch Bento Boxes are about $12 and you get a wide variety tasty treats. Lygon Street – The home of Melbourne’s best and worst Italian food. Just north of the city is Lygon Street, Melbourne’s Italian district. Unfortunately it’s become so well known for it’s Italian food that many not so cheap, and very average restaurants have popped up. There are still a few really ones though. ‘Tiamo’ serve up fresh simple traditional pasta that rivals the best. If you’re into pasta, you won’t be disappointed. A little bit more expensive than the other places I’ve mentioned but I’m pretty sure most of the dishes are under $20.

Victoria St, Richmond aka Little Vietnam. This is an area known for it’s delectable yet super cheap Vietnamese food, particularly the Pho. (famous Vietnamese rice noodle soup) Victoria Street is an area where restaurant competition is so fierce that you can pretty much walk into any restaurant and be sure to have a decent cheap meal. My number one spot on Victoria St for Pho is Co Do it’s about $8 for a soup that I feel is just as good if not better than something you’d actually get in Saigon.

 That’s my two cents on eating in Melbourne. If nothing appeals to you, then tell me what does and I’m sure I’ll be able to recommend a place for you. For those too lazy to google, I’ve listed the names of the restaurants and their address below, our friendly reception staff can show you the way.

Lentil As Anything 41 Blessington St, St Kilda Shanghai Village 112 Little Burke St, Melbourne Izakaya Chuji 1989 Lonsdale St, Melbourne Tiamo Coffee Restaurant 303 Lygon St, Carlton Co Do 196 Victoria St, Richmond

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