Sunshine sunhine, go away come again another day…..

22 06 2011

Day 19 of no snow¬†in Queenstown ūüė¶ ……..

 The Crew and guests at Base Backpackers hostel Queenstown have their fingers and toes crossed for that first big dump to come. 


Everyone is getting excited to venture up Coronet and The Remarkables¬†and be the first to ride through the fresh crisp snow. We’re all waiting for¬†that buzz of¬†cruising¬†down the mountain listening to Glee, ummm¬†I mean Shapeshifter¬†album on our Ipod.

Even though we have no snow, the general buzz of Queenstown is keeping the smiles on people’s faces. With the vast amount of activities (over 600) we’re all managing to keep ourselves busy and entertained.¬†¬†Lets be honest, with the Queenstown night life, which goes off every night, no sane person can get bored.¬† The Altitude Bar is the best value, with¬† crazy games and prizes 7 nights a week.

Plus the sun isn’t always a pain, secretly¬†I think we’re all enjoying being able to sit outside with a beer on the sunny but chilly afternoons, and play around of Frisbee Golf or two. And we have got¬†Winterfest¬†starting¬†on the 24th June¬†(although I think it’ll be getting named¬†Springfest this year!!) Winter/Springfest will be EPIC!!!!¬†10days of packed to the rafters of activities. From a Masquerade Ball to the Festival street parade to the Qtown Mardi Gras, Coronet night concert (party up in the mountains), Dodgeball championship are just to name a few, it’s going to go off!!!

Happy Travels

Hels (Superstar at Base Queenstown)


BASE Backpackers Magnetic island is truly Magnetic

16 06 2011

One of our favourite Guests, Mike Trujillo, shares his Story on Base Magnetic Island.

 Two Days. That was the planned length of stay at Base backpackers Hostel on Magnetic Island. We are now on day 45, and counting.

This island truly is Magnetic.

After doing some research on accommodation on Magentic Island, we decided BASE hostel sounded like the place to be for the weekend. We couldn’t find another hostel on the island that was literally on the beach, like BASE is. We booked our Steal Deal package, which included breakfast, dinner, welcome drinks, snorkel hire, two nights accommodation, and a return ferry ticket all at a great price. The staff were very welcoming, and happy to point us in the right direction for activities. Without even leaving BASE, you can easily fill a weekend full of fun and events. Each day of the week offers different games/competitions at the bar, with many prizes to be won. If you don’t want to participate in the games, they are  fun to watch.

If you  need a place to revive, the beach and turquoise waters are waiting to help you relax. Grab a book, and lay out in the sand, listening to a combination of the music and ocean.

BASE Magnetic Island has been the perfect place for us to stop and enjoy during our journey down Australia’s coast. After 45 days, we have yet to run out of things to do on the island.

Michael Trujillo

Base Guest


15 06 2011

Guest’s at Base Backpacker’s Hostels across Australia and New Zealand are getting excited for a Thrilling Game of Rugby League tonight.

Game #2 in the State of origin will be played in Sydney.

It’s¬†one of the ¬†biggest game’s in the last 6 years for myself, and thousands of very nervous New South Wales supporters. It’s either going to be the best game of rugby league that we know,¬†or it could be the turning point of an absolutely devastating five years.

We are not nervous because it’s State of Origin time, but more so nervous that we may have to once and for all¬† keep our mouths shut. “Oh No” What is to become of us all if we do not have a Win.


We will travel far and wide just to attend this game of games,  but as I ponder the possibilities I still have to wonder,

” Is this the greatest losing streak in history of all sports, where there are only two teams battling for the glorious prize of being the best” is it?

What will my friends say when I return on Thursday if we are not victorious. I think I may have to go into hiding, or even worse I may have to wear a maroons jersey just to avoid ridicule.

Being a die-hard blues supporter living in Brisvegas is no longer an easy task. How can we maintain any dignity when we have not won a series in Five years? I still remain hopeful that the blues will have a win tomorrow night, and this will be the pivotal game that will end the winning streak Of the Cane Toads.

When I step off that plane on Thursday morning I will be holding my head high and donning my blues jersey for everyone in Queensland to see. I will walk past and offer all condolences to my neighborly losers, and when I get to work all my friends will buy me an ice-cold beer and say,

” You were right oh wise one, you stayed faithful to the end”

Now this may sound like rubbish to all of you Queensland supporters, but I am sure that with all the hopes and dreams laying on the line, All we have to say is.


Shane Sutton

Base Brisbane


9 06 2011


This weekend was extra special for  Base Taupo, as we were blessed with the presence of the Queen Majesty herself! (Well Possibly a look-a-like)

Base was  happy to accommodate the Queen, as she only chooses the finest accommodation hostels in New Zealand.

The streets were decorated for royalty, balloons and confetti draped the frosted streets of Taupo, as people stumbled around with glee for an extra day in the weekend, and a visit from the queen…

-Base Taupo was surely the place to be!

People waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the royal family, With accommodation full at Base Taupo.  There was a buzz of excitement wafting through the air, as well  as the sweet smell of Jager.

JJ the Hostel Manger was dressed to greet in a pretty pink dress, and killer heels, while¬† Jason the Bar Manager was in a vintage suit fresh from Thailand.¬† Of course The Wonderful Base staff lined the royal red carpet ready to meet their every need. The Queen and her special other half were staying in our executive Ensuite double room, and Prince Harry was put in our¬†6 bed Ensuite dorm room,(it’s where he wanted to be to meet all the ladies)

So after a quick freshen up, it was down to Element bar for a FREE sausage sizzle….(we heard the Queen likes nothing better than a sausage or 2)…Prince harry was quickly necking the sambucca, and was well on his way to a good night …

Sunday Session defiantly kicked off when our resident dj scribble started rocking the decks.  The Queen requested a bit of Chris brown and she was up putting her hands in the air going yeeeah yeeah yeeah….she shuffled right over to the bar and asked for a special orange juice…I took that as a oj with a double vodka…sorry if I was wrong!

¬†The dance floor was pumping, and everyone was enjoying the night, even the¬†Fresh Prince¬†made an appearance. It was well reaching midnight and¬†Her Majesty had to be up early in the morning as she was jumping out of a plane with skydive Taupo. ¬†She was all energised as we had all just done a jager train, but no she said ‚ÄúI must retire to my Base Palace….but before I do can I have a bowl of your special fries please‚ÄĚ.

Prince Harry saw his grandmother going to bed as chance to get legless, so out came the chartreuse and aftershock!   Soon enough he was doing the running man on the dance floor, and grabbing somebody sexy telling them hey….

That lucky lady unfortunately wasn’t me, but a fellow backpacker who was staying in his room.

I wonder if his bunk bed was rocking that night ūüėČ

After our security had to kindly escort Prince Harry out of the front door , we cleaned up, cashed up and had a drink our selves. Wow what a weekend, and what a Sunday night we had just had.

The staff in Base will not be forgetting our special visit anytime soon!! Pics to follow….

Editor and Duty Manager


A Weekend in the Shire – Wellington

27 05 2011



Mir) Get yourself a hobbit name
Use “The Hobbit Name Generator” to discover your secret hobbit name. (“Bilbo Baggins” returns the name Bilbo Baggins, so it’s legit.)

Atta) Find a dwelling @ Base.
 Backpackers Wellington in the shadow of Mt Victoria (where most of your favourite Lord of the Rings scenes were shot) is a dream for, well, backpackers. Base Wellington offers a travel desk (where tours of the shire can be booked), a spacious TV/DVD lounge (where you can watch the scenes you’ve just re-enacted) and a Global Gossip Internet Café (where you can learn to speak Elfish). Also come meet our Hobbit loving staff, the friendliest this side of Bag End.

Ole) Devour breakfast… and then second breakfast
Fresh continental breakfast is served every morning @ Reception, it offers a range of cereals, delectable jams, local juice, coffee, tea and more and all for only $6.00. Since hobbits are known to enjoy “second breakfast”, we recommend Kapai Caf√©, just around the corner on Courteney Place, which serves breakfast and brunch with heaps of vegetarians options!!! In addition to the herbivorically¬†(it‚Äôs a word) inclined options, Kapai¬†offers NZ staples like Chicken Long Johns and Beef Pukus,

Nelde) Follow the trails of Frodo and Gandalf
Follow in the footsteps of actors Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellen and choose from the tours offered by Ted and the guys @ Wellington Movie Tours. Depending on which trip you select, you could recreate up to 25 scenes from the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy. Possible locations include Mt Victoria, the “outer shire”, suburbs to the south of Welly where The Hobbit actors will live; the WETA¬†Cave, a pop culture museum co-founded by Jackson; Stone Street Studio, where The Hobbit is currently in production; and Hutt Valley and Kaitoke¬†Regional Park, home to gardens, rivers and elfish trees featured in the movies. The guys @ Wellington Movie Tours work in the movie industry and have the inside track on what‚Äôs going on.

Serious fanatics may want to head out of town for a weekend to take the Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tour¬†in Matamata¬†– about six hours north of Wellington. Peter Jackson used Hobbiton’s private farmland – the Alexander family farm – as The Shire in his films.

Lemin) Have a spot of afternoon tea

It’s no surprise that hobbits take afternoon tea, since their creator was an Englishman. Martha‚Äôs¬†Pantry on Cuba Street is definitely somewhere you could imagine Merry and Pippin hanging out. It serves high tea with multiple menus from which to choose. Tea varieties range from Mediterranean Mandarin to Turkish Apple and Keri Keri breakfast.

Ende) Crash the set of The Hobbit
A tweet from Sir Ian McKellen
leads us to believe that he and his cast-mates are currently shooting scenes at Stone Street Studios in the Miramar area of Wellington. The company does not offer public tours, but if you hang out outside for long enough, you’re likely to spot members of The Hobbit’s star-studded cast.

Otso) Chow down some more
As Pippin notes in the first Lord of the Rings movie, hobbits love to eat: “What about breakfast…What about second breakfast?…What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?” That means, it’s time to eat again. What about the hobbit himself Martin Freeman‚Äôs favourite restaurants in Welly? Matterhorn, one of Welly‚Äôs many fair trade restaurants, it serves amazing Sicilian Mushroom Arancini. ¬†According to Tolkien, mushrooms are a favourite hobbit food which grow abundantly in the Shire and was a favourite cast hang out during the shooting of the LOTR trilogy..

Olme) Phew!!!      

If you’re still not all Hobbitted out, you can visit Peter Jackson’s newly refurbished cinema Roxy in Miramar. Catch a movie and take time to take in the interior flourished by the Weta Workshop. (The guys who do the prop/digital/design work for Peter Jackson’s movies)(Although I’m sure at this stage I don’t need to tell you that!!!).

Olmet) ‘It comes in pints!’
After your Hobbit packed weekend of Tolkein-esque attractions, wind down with some ale, glorious ale. If there’s an activity hobbits enjoy more than eating, it’s probably drinking. For a night of frothy ales and beers, visit our very own Basement Bar. Party with Hobbit lovers from around the world and have a blast @ Welly‚Äôs funnest bar 7 days a week. For the thrifty amongst you (which let‚Äôs face it, is a characteristic backpackers and Hobbits share) look out for our $4.00 nights on Wed and Sat.¬†

Lempe) Enjoy.

Enjoy your Hobbit inspired weekend in officially (the Lonely Planet says so) the Coolest Little Capital in the World. Come back soon and as Gandalf might say,

‚ÄúFarewell, my brave Hobbits. My work is now finished. Here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our Fellowship. I will not say “do not weep”, for not all tears are an evil. It is time‚ÄĚ.

The Legend and Power of Seabiscuit! (The People’s Champion)

25 05 2011

It was Monday night at Base Backpackers Hostel St Kilda, and little did Base know, they were about to be graced with the legend “Seabiscuit”! (The Peoples Champion). Fresh from dominating a hectic world backpackers ping pong tour, and a cancelled Tiger Airways flight, Seabiscuit was in town!

 As the snakies and shots started to flow, the Biscuit was starting to get the famous bung eye, yes that’s right, the same bung eye that distracts even the most focused of opponents!

It was growing closer and closer to 8pm, the start of the first heats of Base Red Eye Bar Monday Night ping Pong championship. Starting out flying under the radar, Seabiscuit surely but swiftly eliminated each opponent and powered through to the final. With the Monday night Base Bingo crew keen to start pulling numbers, the final was fast tracked to an unscheduled starting time of 8.50pm.

First to step up to the table is Shane, followed by a strong posse of Base guests, ¬†emotions were running high! Then from out of the blue Survivors 1982 classic, ‚Äúeye of the tiger‚ÄĚ pumps from the speakers.¬†¬†With hood over head The Biscuit enters, does a couple of laps of the table the whole time never loosing eye contact with Shane.¬† ¬†

It didn’t take long for Shane to realize he was out of his depth, but bloody hell he wasn’t going down without a fight! The famous powerhouse backhand shot of The Biscuit proved to be too strong for Shane and his beloved Base guests to handle. After losing graciously and exchanging a well-earned handshake with Shane, Seabiscuit claimed his $50 Bar Tab from Base Red Eye Bar Staff and kindly donated Shots and Snakies to Base Guests!!

I guess that‚Äôs why they call him ‚ÄúThe Peoples Champion!‚ÄĚ

By Paul Byrne.

Base Travel Desk – Stkilda

“QUEENSLANDER” – Maroon is my colour, what’s yours?

24 05 2011

THOSE arriving¬† in Queensland on Wednesday may notice the locals have gone a little crazy, along with the Crew at Base Backpackers¬†Brisbane.¬†All around you’ll find people dressed in maroon, red, or any shade thereof, bellowing out¬†“QUEENSLANDER”¬†to all and sundry… Ah yes, its State of Origin time again!

So what is State of Origin? The short answer is that it’s a 3-match rugby league series played between Queensland and New South Wales. Eligibility is similar to national eligibility in football (soccer), so everyone gets right in behind it as their teams battle it out for bragging rights each year.
Up here in Queensland though it always means that much extra. Back in the day Queensland was known more for its conservative (some would say backward) locals and rural lifestyle – Brisbane wasn’t even fully sewered until the early 1970s! Around that time eligibility wasn’t based on where you were from, but rather where you were living. This meant all the best Queensland players ended up playing for more money in Sydney – then playing against and beating Queensland each year! In 1980 NSW beat Queensland in two games using the residency rule before agreeing to play the third game under new “origin” rules. A sellout crowd of 33,210 people watched a number of Queenslanders make their Queensland debuts and win 20-10.

Since then the series have been very even – Queensland have won 45 matches, NSW 40, while the series tally stands at 12 for NSW and 19 (including the last 5 straight!) for Queensland. Queenslanders are still very passionate about State of Origin; tickets sell out in a matter of hours, while the atmosphere inside the stadium is nothing short of electric.
So when you see everyone in Queensland getting all excited Wednesday night, now you’ll know why…

Wear something maroon and join in the fun at The Down under bar – Fullon Flatout 7 days a week!!

Stuart John

Base Crew

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