Working at Base Backpackers Hostels

12 07 2011

“What is it about this job…?

I work at Base Backpackers hostel in Stkilda Melbourne, and I LOVE MY JOB!!

I’m pretty sure that most people have had those same aspirations in life.  Finish school, get a job, meet that girl, ‘settle down’, grow a beer belly and spend every second day talking about how next week you plan on going for a jog, spending more time with the dog …lest you actually enjoy that 35 hour a week job.

Somewhere along the way though you took a few months off and went to a South East Asian temple, you sun-baked on a tropical North Queensland beach, went an impossibly long time without showering in India, climbed a Mexican pyramid…and just generally basked in life. You lament….those really were the days.

No suits, No ties, no responsibilities, and just the promise of waking up and actually enjoying yourself, each and every day!

I have now worked at Base Hostel for over a year and reflecting back…I don’t really know exactly what makes this place so special.  Maybe its confiscating the 12 bottles of wine off of one lone Irish lad at 8am who was yet to head to bed (“sorry boss, sorry, never again boss”), or the  chirpy Dutch boys who seemed that touch queer if they weren’t so sleazy the entire time.  Maybe its  the  beautiful kiwi girl giving you that half a smile in the morning on her way to work, or the remarkably unintelligible accent of that Scottish man giving me advice on my air-conditioning at 3am in the morning??

Somewhere along the way I realised I really enjoy this life, this job. Base, and the people within it. Not buildings or facades, but the living breathing 250 beds a few metres above me. The short termers, the long termers, the friends becoming almost like family. The faces often changing, but so many staying the same. Welcoming hellos and teary good byes.

No suits, no ties, and just actually enjoying myself each and every day…

Happy Travels


Reception Pumper!


Backpacking – “The Taupo Trap”

28 06 2011

Nau mai haere mai ki


 Welcome to “The great cloak of Tia” or as you know it Taupo, rated as the Mecca Backpacking tourism destination of the North Island. We are home to some of the worlds “must do activities” and places to stay, Including Base backpackers hostel Taupo 😉

As you drive into “Taupo” you are greeted with beautiful snow-capped picturesque mountains reflecting calm blue skies off the cleanest blue waters you can ever imagine.

Your Kiwi Bus driver hands around a list of hostels, and obviously recommends BASE BACKPACKERS TAUPO .

First a quick stop to take photo’s of  the mighty Huka Falls.  The boys at HUKA JET do a spin right before our eyes, as a teaser for those undecided on what to do.

We then board the bus to Spa Park, and go for a soak in the free hot water stream.

Nowhere in the world can you stand in water and have both HOT and COLD hitting at the same time –  a once in a lifetime experience.

 Just a hop skip and a jump away we hear the Bungy Team throwing their next victim off the bridge “God Help them I say”.

 Skydive Taupo’s Limo pulls up to collect the group of brave souls who choose to get in an extreme adrenalin fix.


Element bar opens the night with a pool comp, followed by some of the craziest Backpacker Parties you will ever go to. You drag yourself away, as you have an early start with  the Tongariro crossing( it’s rated right up there as one of the world’s top one day walks).

After conquering Tongariro or Mt Doom known to many, it’s down to business, the real reason we get on these buses, we start with a free BBQ thanks to our Element barstaff.  Resident DJ’s Scribble and Mana get us up on the bar for FREE body shots, or line us up with the cheapest Jagger bombs you can find. We of course guarantee a free hangover every night !! .



Taupo is notorious for getting backpackers stuck in what has been coined “The Taupo Trap” once you arrive you never want to leave.  It says a lot about the people and the place.


Written By Tessa Atutahi

BASE Backpackers Magnetic island is truly Magnetic

16 06 2011

One of our favourite Guests, Mike Trujillo, shares his Story on Base Magnetic Island.

 Two Days. That was the planned length of stay at Base backpackers Hostel on Magnetic Island. We are now on day 45, and counting.

This island truly is Magnetic.

After doing some research on accommodation on Magentic Island, we decided BASE hostel sounded like the place to be for the weekend. We couldn’t find another hostel on the island that was literally on the beach, like BASE is. We booked our Steal Deal package, which included breakfast, dinner, welcome drinks, snorkel hire, two nights accommodation, and a return ferry ticket all at a great price. The staff were very welcoming, and happy to point us in the right direction for activities. Without even leaving BASE, you can easily fill a weekend full of fun and events. Each day of the week offers different games/competitions at the bar, with many prizes to be won. If you don’t want to participate in the games, they are  fun to watch.

If you  need a place to revive, the beach and turquoise waters are waiting to help you relax. Grab a book, and lay out in the sand, listening to a combination of the music and ocean.

BASE Magnetic Island has been the perfect place for us to stop and enjoy during our journey down Australia’s coast. After 45 days, we have yet to run out of things to do on the island.

Michael Trujillo

Base Guest

“Go the Blues”

25 05 2011

One passionate Base Backpackers Brisbane crew member and his thoughts on tonight’s opener- 

Ah yes it has come to that time of year once again when we all decide that we will stay loyal to our roots and support the hell out of our State Of Origin Team,  or do we? Although a lot of us move to Queensland from NSW, and some even further south where Rugby league is not even considered a sport, we tend to find that a lot of these people also forget their roots and support Queensland. What the hell is that all about?

 Me, well i do believe in loyalty and have supported the Blues every year with all the zest that i can muster, Maybe after living in Queensland for 15 years i probably should change colours, but i find this would be like cheating on my wife. It is JUST NOT ON. It is absolutely inspiring to watch Brisbane come alive when the Broncos play and even more so when the State of origin is being played here in sunny Brisvegas. Even this morning i am running around Base Brisbane Hostel telling everyone,. ” Go The Blues “ and they all look at me with the look of what the hell is this old boy on about. Thats when I remember that all the backpackers staying here don’t have a clue what State Of Origin is. But I must voice my love for the Blues even though we are on a losing streak of which i get reminded every single day..

 But today is the day my friends.

It is the beginning of the end for the maroon winning streak. We are taking back the glory, it is the first day in a long time that I will be able to say ” I told you guys that we are going to win” even though i have been practicing this line for far too long now. But when I went to bed last night and said my prayers it was not for anything but an absolute slaughter of the Maroons by the MIGHTY BLUES.

Come into Down Under Bar tonight and get involved!

Mighty Blue’s Fan

Base Backpackers Brisbane

The Legend and Power of Seabiscuit! (The People’s Champion)

25 05 2011

It was Monday night at Base Backpackers Hostel St Kilda, and little did Base know, they were about to be graced with the legend “Seabiscuit”! (The Peoples Champion). Fresh from dominating a hectic world backpackers ping pong tour, and a cancelled Tiger Airways flight, Seabiscuit was in town!

 As the snakies and shots started to flow, the Biscuit was starting to get the famous bung eye, yes that’s right, the same bung eye that distracts even the most focused of opponents!

It was growing closer and closer to 8pm, the start of the first heats of Base Red Eye Bar Monday Night ping Pong championship. Starting out flying under the radar, Seabiscuit surely but swiftly eliminated each opponent and powered through to the final. With the Monday night Base Bingo crew keen to start pulling numbers, the final was fast tracked to an unscheduled starting time of 8.50pm.

First to step up to the table is Shane, followed by a strong posse of Base guests,  emotions were running high! Then from out of the blue Survivors 1982 classic, “eye of the tiger” pumps from the speakers.  With hood over head The Biscuit enters, does a couple of laps of the table the whole time never loosing eye contact with Shane.   

It didn’t take long for Shane to realize he was out of his depth, but bloody hell he wasn’t going down without a fight! The famous powerhouse backhand shot of The Biscuit proved to be too strong for Shane and his beloved Base guests to handle. After losing graciously and exchanging a well-earned handshake with Shane, Seabiscuit claimed his $50 Bar Tab from Base Red Eye Bar Staff and kindly donated Shots and Snakies to Base Guests!!

I guess that’s why they call him “The Peoples Champion!”

By Paul Byrne.

Base Travel Desk – Stkilda

24hrs in Queenstown, New Zealand

12 05 2011

The Place to complete your adventure “to do” list.

 Queenstown, surrounded by majestic mountains and nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is the home of Adventure in New Zealand.  If you are backpacking in New Zealand, a visit to Queenstown is a must.

 Helen Aslett from Base Backpackers Queenstown gives you a quick guide to an action packed 24 hours.

 Start the day with a morning 15,000ft Skydive with Nzone skydive . What better way to wake yourself up, and experience the natural beauty of Queenstown.

Next Stop – Shotover Jet boat ride, a ten minute drive from town.  Experience the adrenaline of swerving between tall canyon walls.

Lunchtime – have a spot of lunch and a few beers in Queenstown gardens, with a round of Frisbee Golf squeezed in.

You tired yet?

Time for some more adrenaline, maybe a spot of bungy? Throw yourself off the Kawerau Bridge with AJ Hacket, this is guaranteed to get the heart pumping.

Maybe time to calm the nerves a little, take the Gondala up to the top of the Hill and be rewarded with some Stunning views of Queenstown. From the top, ride the luge, parasail or bungy again, so many possibilities 😉

Now to Work up an appetite with a sunset stroll through the Botanical gardens.

Feeling Hungry?

Sink your teeth into the Famous Fergburger, YUM YUM!!

 Now to finish the Night in style with a few Jagers at the Altitude Bar.

 What a Day!

By Helen Aslett – Base Reception Superstar.

Every Traveller Needs a BASE!

10 05 2011

Experience the Excitement of Australia and New Zealand with the friendly Base Backpackers Crew

BASE Backpacker Hostels are a revolution in beds, bars and entertainment. Base hostels are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and are specially designed for you, the modern-day global travellers, with state of the art facilities, superior comfort and friendly services. You can experience Base in our hostel backpackers located in Auckland, Bay of Islands, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown & Wanaka.

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