Backpacking – “The Taupo Trap”

28 06 2011

Nau mai haere mai ki


 Welcome to “The great cloak of Tia” or as you know it Taupo, rated as the Mecca Backpacking tourism destination of the North Island. We are home to some of the worlds “must do activities” and places to stay, Including Base backpackers hostel Taupo 😉

As you drive into “Taupo” you are greeted with beautiful snow-capped picturesque mountains reflecting calm blue skies off the cleanest blue waters you can ever imagine.

Your Kiwi Bus driver hands around a list of hostels, and obviously recommends BASE BACKPACKERS TAUPO .

First a quick stop to take photo’s of  the mighty Huka Falls.  The boys at HUKA JET do a spin right before our eyes, as a teaser for those undecided on what to do.

We then board the bus to Spa Park, and go for a soak in the free hot water stream.

Nowhere in the world can you stand in water and have both HOT and COLD hitting at the same time –  a once in a lifetime experience.

 Just a hop skip and a jump away we hear the Bungy Team throwing their next victim off the bridge “God Help them I say”.

 Skydive Taupo’s Limo pulls up to collect the group of brave souls who choose to get in an extreme adrenalin fix.


Element bar opens the night with a pool comp, followed by some of the craziest Backpacker Parties you will ever go to. You drag yourself away, as you have an early start with  the Tongariro crossing( it’s rated right up there as one of the world’s top one day walks).

After conquering Tongariro or Mt Doom known to many, it’s down to business, the real reason we get on these buses, we start with a free BBQ thanks to our Element barstaff.  Resident DJ’s Scribble and Mana get us up on the bar for FREE body shots, or line us up with the cheapest Jagger bombs you can find. We of course guarantee a free hangover every night !! .



Taupo is notorious for getting backpackers stuck in what has been coined “The Taupo Trap” once you arrive you never want to leave.  It says a lot about the people and the place.


Written By Tessa Atutahi



9 06 2011


This weekend was extra special for  Base Taupo, as we were blessed with the presence of the Queen Majesty herself! (Well Possibly a look-a-like)

Base was  happy to accommodate the Queen, as she only chooses the finest accommodation hostels in New Zealand.

The streets were decorated for royalty, balloons and confetti draped the frosted streets of Taupo, as people stumbled around with glee for an extra day in the weekend, and a visit from the queen…

-Base Taupo was surely the place to be!

People waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the royal family, With accommodation full at Base Taupo.  There was a buzz of excitement wafting through the air, as well  as the sweet smell of Jager.

JJ the Hostel Manger was dressed to greet in a pretty pink dress, and killer heels, while  Jason the Bar Manager was in a vintage suit fresh from Thailand.  Of course The Wonderful Base staff lined the royal red carpet ready to meet their every need. The Queen and her special other half were staying in our executive Ensuite double room, and Prince Harry was put in our 6 bed Ensuite dorm room,(it’s where he wanted to be to meet all the ladies)

So after a quick freshen up, it was down to Element bar for a FREE sausage sizzle….(we heard the Queen likes nothing better than a sausage or 2)…Prince harry was quickly necking the sambucca, and was well on his way to a good night …

Sunday Session defiantly kicked off when our resident dj scribble started rocking the decks.  The Queen requested a bit of Chris brown and she was up putting her hands in the air going yeeeah yeeah yeeah….she shuffled right over to the bar and asked for a special orange juice…I took that as a oj with a double vodka…sorry if I was wrong!

 The dance floor was pumping, and everyone was enjoying the night, even the Fresh Prince made an appearance. It was well reaching midnight and Her Majesty had to be up early in the morning as she was jumping out of a plane with skydive Taupo.  She was all energised as we had all just done a jager train, but no she said “I must retire to my Base Palace….but before I do can I have a bowl of your special fries please”.

Prince Harry saw his grandmother going to bed as chance to get legless, so out came the chartreuse and aftershock!   Soon enough he was doing the running man on the dance floor, and grabbing somebody sexy telling them hey….

That lucky lady unfortunately wasn’t me, but a fellow backpacker who was staying in his room.

I wonder if his bunk bed was rocking that night 😉

After our security had to kindly escort Prince Harry out of the front door , we cleaned up, cashed up and had a drink our selves. Wow what a weekend, and what a Sunday night we had just had.

The staff in Base will not be forgetting our special visit anytime soon!! Pics to follow….

Editor and Duty Manager


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